Frequently Asked Questions


How do I cancel my reservation?

You need to contact us by email or our phone number.

If I cancel, will I get a full refund?

Reservations that include food are not refundable if they are canceled 3 days or less before the reservation, from 4 to 5 days 50% is refunded and from 6 to more days 100% of the reservation is returned.
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What kind of weather should I expect?

The dry season goes from March to November and the rainy season from December to February. However, you can have some rain even in the dry season.

Is there hot water and electricity in the cabins?

All our cabins have electricity and a shower with hot water.

What kind of clothes should I bring?

In the area there are many rivers, waterfalls, dense tropical dry forest and primary cloud forest, with temperatures that fluctuate during the day and at night. It is recommended to bring: T-shirts, hiking boots or tennis shoes, rain coat, hats, pants and long-sleeved shirts.
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Is there a gas station (petrol dispenser) near Posada Cielo Roto?

No, the gas stations are located in the towns of Upala and Cañas, which are 30km and 45km away respectively from Cielo Roto.

What type of car should I rent to get to Posada Cielo Roto in Rio Celeste?

The last 8km before reaching Posada Cielo Roto are unpaved, so it is recommended to rent a 4x4 car, especially if you make additional trips from the Lodge.

What other items should I bring?

It is recommended to bring: repellent against mosquitoes, bottled water, soap, shampoo and cloths

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