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Local Activities


In Bijagua, Costa Rica, where Posada Cielo Roto is located, there are a variety of attractions to visit. From enjoying nature in the same large hotel property to taking day tours.

Below you can see details of some of the tours that can be done. Click on the photos below:

Tour Río Celeste

Río Celeste is a spectacular river that is located in the Guatuso canton in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica. It is located within the Tenorio Volcano National Park. This river has been cataloged as one of the most impressive natural beauties of our country, among its attractions are the waterfall, the teñideros, where the river is given its blue color by minerals, the hot springs, the views of the Tenorio Volcano, the tropical forest that is around it and the blue lagoon. In the region, you can find fauna such as saínos, white-tailed deer, manigordos, and birds.

Horseback Riding Tour

Take an incredible horseback riding tour with our horses; around the mountains and valleys near the property. The tour will show you many of the natural beauties of the area, plus you may see lots of wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

Caño Negro

The Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge is part of the Arenal Huetar Norte Conservation Area, in the northern part of Costa Rica, twenty kilometers south of Los Chiles, near the border with Nicaragua, in the province of Alajuela. The Caño Negro wildlife refuge is considered one of the richest places in the country for the observation of birds and other animals. The refuge is a wetland site, home to many migratory waterfowl for part of the year, centered on the Caño Negro Lake that is fed by the Frío River during the rainy season.

Arenal Volcano Tour

The Arenal volcano in Costa Rica located in the provinces of Alajuela and Guanacaste, has a height of 1,670 meters above sea level. The volcano is located within the Arenal Volcano National Park. Its frequent activity makes this volcano the most active in Costa Rica. Before 1968, it was debated whether the volcano was even one as it had never provided any sign of volcanic activity. It was even known as "Cerro Arenal". But on July 29 of that year there was an explosion that destroyed the towns of Tabacón and Pueblo Nuevo, killed some 87 people, and created 3 craters. Formerly it was known as the sugar hill.

Las Pumas Rescue Center

Las Pumas Rescue Center is located 4.5 kms from the city of Cañas, on the way to Liberia, Guanacaste, on the Inter-American Highway. The Las Pumas Rescue Center was born approximately 40 years ago, when the levels of deforestation in Guanacaste were extremely high. The habitat of many wild animals was reduced and many of these were captured by the inhabitants of the area, who sought to keep them as pets. Mrs. Lily de Hagnauer, a Swiss lady, who always had a conservationist vision of tropical native species, had a great protective spirit towards animals. Thus, she received those animals that her neighbors brought her or she bought them herself to save their lives. In a few years it had more than 160 different species.

Tenorio Volcano Tour

The Tenorio Volcano National Park is located in the northern part of Costa Rica, which is part of the Arenal de Tilarán Conservation Area. The jewel of the National Park is the volcano, from which the Tenorio Volcano receives its name, it is made up of four volcanic peaks and two craters. One of the craters is sometimes referred to as the Moctezuma Volcano. The Tenorio volcano reaches a maximum height of 6,287 feet (1,913 m). The incredible Rio Celeste literally turned blue due to the sulfur emanation from the volcano and the precipitation of calcium carbonate. The upper area of ​​the park is dominated by primary cloud forest, while the lower regions are covered with tropical forest.